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Electronic Platform for TRaining And Learning (Eptral) is a digital training asset service-solution for managing complex curricula, as well as for developing training materials and evaluation tools for internal and external stakeholders. It allows our clients to create, track, manage and circulate learning collaterals. It allows unprecedented reach, coupled with scale and flexibility of learning, not only for sales, but also for medical affairs, marketing, compliance, and other internal stakeholders.

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Eptral enables architects to deliver enterprise-level data management for big learning data. Our Learning Record Store offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, while giving you complete flexibility of deployment – use Learning Locker® Open Source, On-Premise or On-Cloud. Join the next generation of Learning Technology with Eptral.

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Eptral Features

Eptral offers a unique experience to watch, learn, and gain access to video presentations on-the-go. There is a single sign-in Account for Multiple Programs. Stay informed with easily accessible content. There is one application for a number of event experiences. Eptral enables users to communicate with speakers even after the program ended.


Intuitive User Interface

Eptral has an intuitive user interface that integrates well with your e-learning team’s talents.


Continuous Product and Process Training

Constantly train and upskill your distributed workforce with interactive and engaging bite-sized content


Effective User Engagement and Real-Time Analytics

Create graphs, and diagrams that show the impact of learning with just a few clicks. Post dashboards on the platform or embed online.


Ease of patron accessibility for stakeholders

You can use Eptral to create webhooks, API integrations and other automations that make your systems work better together.


Multiplatform Accessibility

Eptral is responsive and multiplatform-friendly. You can create a master layout for your online training course that automatically adapts to suit the device.


Customizable Reporting and Gather Learning Data From Many Sources

Eptral has customizable reporting features. Eptral uses xAPI to act as the central point of storage for your next generation learning eco-system.

Technology Stacks

Service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Enables the product to easily integrate with external systems/applications

Technology Stack

Linux OS, Apache web server, MySQL database, PHP scripting languages, Angular5, HTML5, Bootstrap4, jQuery3.3, LRS, xAPI, SCORM, TINCAN, CMi5

Cloud Hosting

Hosted on Amazon Web Server (AWS), fully managed servers, you can increase CPU/RAM capacity to handle increases traffic without any downtime

Server Location



24X7, 99.90% uptime


Network firewalls built into Amazon VPC, and web application firewall capabilities in AWS WAF to create private networks, and control access to instances and applications Encryption in transit with TLS across all services Connectivity options that enable private connections from specified IP

eptral software-screen
eptral screen


Please read the FAQs. If the information you seek is not covered in this section, write to us. ask us.

Really easy. You can start working with Eptral immediately. You can create easily courses by reusing your own material (Videos, Presentations, Documents etc) or any other publicly available information on the Internet.

If your organization is serious about training its employees or customers, the answer is yes. Online training can be used in conjunction with your current training process or even as a complete replacement for it. There are a variety of benefits when you move to online training, such as reduced costs, reproducibility of training, no time or place restrictions, and comprehensible reporting on who was trained in what. There are a few additional usage scenarios in which you might find the product handy, e.g. if you want to create and sell your own courses to end users. We offer all the capabilities you need to create courses, integrate with WordPress and sell your courses.

With Eptral, we tried to answer one main question: how can we provide real value to modern organizations through e-learning? We have a hypothesis that underlies everything we do with Eptral. This hypothesis has to do with both e-learning and the environment in which a modern company needs to adapt and grow. Our main hypothesis is as follows: for a modern organization to adopt e-learning, the experience should be effective. Eptral makes effective use of your time and maximizes training output. To do so, we have eliminated a lot of fancy but unnecessary functionality, enforced an esthetic integrity on content presentation, and emphasized the reuse of preexisting training material.

Yes, it is as secure as it gets. All data are transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. People cannot share your material with their URL, since it is expires after a few minutes.

Yes. Each user who completes the course will receive certification. You can easily design a certificate, or even use one of the pre-made certificates.

Absolutely! You can select an Eptral-based domain, or you can map your own domain.

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